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24 November 2010

Random Thoughts

Ok so i have totally ignored my children for the past few days due to er, well this blog and many other thrilling things on the Internet. I am currently obsessed with:

  1. Facebook. Who isn't?
  2. My Blog... Going through my recipes for my blog and thinking that I'm going to have to make some soon and get some photos on here! The trouble is, i make things and Zeppelin will not eat them all... so who does? Well... me.
  3. Baby Shower ideas..... My Sister is up the Duff.
  4. Taylor Lautner..........mmmmm hello dream man.......................Taylor with a marshmallow? Heaven.

At the moment i am drinking a half frozen Pepsi Max which is amazing. Its my attempt to not eat anything before dinner, like i usually do. I am obsessed with food, cooking and recipes and it drives me insane!!

I have just gotten home from school pick up and i usually don't come on here until Jasmine goes to bed but i have a few things to do later (like have a shower ALONE so i can wash my hair etc) Zeppelin has a friend over from down the road and they are playing the Wii so it is keeping Jasmine amused. At least for a little while. She is circling them which I'm sure they will complain about soon!

My husband left for work yesterday so today is day 1 of 18 without him. I get pretty bored sometimes but i have the kids and my books and now a new obsession, haha!! Next time he is home it will be for 18 days instead of the usual 9 so that he can celebrate the holiday period.

We are looking forward to Christmas this year, it will be much more exciting now that Jasmine is a bit older. Santa has got to work already and i cant wait to wrap everything, its my favourite part! 4 weeks to go!!

Just looked over at the kids and Jasmine has a comb and my lipstick and is trying to er.... groom the boys! I will have to write again soon.

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