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28 October 2011

I Heart My Body 2011

OK. I admit, I got lucky with my body.

Then I had 2 children and got even luckier.

It must be in my genes as my mother was a size 8 after 3 kids and my sister aka Veggie Mama has a 7 month old baby and she could still pose for Playboy if she wanted to! (NOT that she would.) It was my sister that also blogged her body for I heart my body which prompted me to join the club.

I love my body, flaws and all and you should too. (Your own, not mine.) If you don't, do something about it, you only have one and you have it for the rest of your life. Only YOU can change yourself. As Dr Phil always says "You chose the behaviour, you chose the consequence."

Just because i might have today's 'ideal' body does not mean i don't have body issues like everyone else.

I do. A lot.

There are days when i look in the mirror and I'm actually horrified at what i see. Sometimes all i see is the dark pigmentation under my eyes that have gotten darker recently, my freckly face (hence the makeup) my 'coco pop' mole on my back that i wont get removed because i am a chicken shit. My caesarean scar that brought my two children into the world when my body failed to do its natural thing. My *cough* saggy boobs that still have their E cup skin but not enough filling. My spider veins that have lingered since pregnancy and my gigantic feet. (No fair, I'm not even tall!)

But tomorrow is I heart my body day 2011 so I'm supposed to talk about what i DO like.

I love that my body has grown two humans inside it, all by itself. I like my legs, they look good in any outfit that i wear. I like my hair, i don't take care of it, rarely trim it and wash it in $2 ALDI shampoo and it still looks good. (Thank you GHD!). I love my eyelashes, i used to get in to trouble in high school for wearing mascara..... except i wasn't wearing any. I love my bum. So does my husband.

We should all love and be proud of our body. Show it off, accept your flaws and take care of yourself. Remind yourself just how amazing your body is and learn to love it.

Don't laugh at my dodgy bathroom. You are, arne't you?

Marshmallow Mum xxxxx


  1. I heart your body too! I linked you up.

    Now stop being hotter than me <3

    Kiss those babies and I'll see you Monday xo

  2. Hot damn! You and your sister have AMAZING bodies - stunning!

  3. Damn, think I clicked off before the word verification!

    Think I pretty much said what Alex said :)

    Oh, and the bathroom, nothing much wrong with that either!

  4. You are beautiful. What an awesome body to have grown and nurtured two people!

  5. You & your sister may have been blessed with good genes but you both love & respect your bodies & that's what really shows.
    Our bodies are amazing things. I'm glad you heart yours xx

  6. You have an amazing body and damn straight you should be proud.

    Thank you for linking up!

    Fantastic post!


  7. "We should all love and be proud of our body. Show it off, accept your flaws and take care of yourself. Remind yourself just how amazing your body is and learn to love it."

    Love this!

  8. Gorgeous! If I had a body like that I'd pose in my undies too. But I like the message that we should all love our bodies just the way they are.

  9. You are both gorgeous. No fair! And you make such yummy things too ...

  10. Looking gorgeous! And don't worry my bathroom is far more dodgy.

  11. Wow, you look pretty amazing! Love your post - don't worry about your bathroom, my post will have my messy bedroom in it!

  12. You look gorgeous! Definitely hearing you with same amount of skin but a bit less filling in the boob department! And I didn't even laugh at your bathroom :P

  13. You are so beautiful! I love your post, very inspirational. You & Vege Mama come from some pretty impressive gene pool..

  14. Hotness, I wish I had your metabollic rate! Great job!

  15. Wow, thanks for all your positive feedback!
    Your body is unique. There has never been another 'you' in all of history.
    Take care of yourselves and make sure you are happy inside as well as outside, thats what shines through the most xxxxx

  16. Oh, you girls are blessed!

    I so agree with what you are saying. I have a friend with weight issues ( no doubt these will be medical issues at some point if not already) and she is trying to make changes but not willing to make all the changes she needs to. I get so sad and frustrated at her negativity because I know that is what is holding her back from making the most positive difference in her life she will ever make.

    (and we use $2 Aldi shampoo too, the big bottle, poured into a more expensive pump bottle, LOL)

  17. The first thing I noticed about you was your hair! It is so long and lovely looking! You should be proud of your body and how it has done some amazing things. What a great post! And I love a good dodgy bathroom picture as much as the next person :D

  18. Wow, you are STUNNING! Beautiful post.

    (And you're Veggie Mama's sister? I'm in love with her X)

  19. I am in love with Veggie Mama too! Best sister in the world xxxx :)

  20. You and Veggie Mama have definitely gotten amazing genes! Beautiful.

  21. Gee just read and seen your sister's post and now here is you. How gorgeous are you too. I've asked your sis to borrow her boobs if she declines maybe you can help me out xx

  22. WOW, you guys hit the genetic jackpot! Beautiful xxx