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26 November 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

I did it and it finally feels like Christmas!!! I don't know who made up the rule that we need to wait until December..... I can never wait that long!! I waited all day for zeppelin to come home from school so that we would put it up! We had a lot of fun. We put on Zeppelins new Micky mouse Christmas collection to sing along to..... Zeppelin was so cute, trying to sing along! Jasmine kept hanging a decoration on the tree and clapping at her major achievement, then taking it off, rearranging it, and clapping again.... so cute!! I usually have a Christmas train that goes around the bottom of the tree but no doubt Jasmine would annoy the crap out of me with it there.

So this was our after school adventure:

Zeppelin thought this little tiny hat was hilarious! (on Jasmine's head). We will put it aside for a mouse.

Zeppelin had to wear the hat.........

Choosing the next ornament.

Finished product!!!

My gifts came early xxxxx

Very exciting! Now we can get to work and make some yummy Christmas treats to eat and blog!! cant wait. I went to a Christmas fair today and brought nothing but marshmallow coconut slice, it was amazing!! Going to another Christmas fair tomorrow, i bet i will buy alot there, this one is pretty good! I'm going with my sister, her blog is Vege Mama, you should follow, its great.
So it is nearly December 1st so ill share my Christmas traditions with you, feel free to comment on any tradition that might be a good idea!!

  1. Advent calender. We have a felt one and of course a chocolate one!! Have to wait until next week to start!
  2. Baking Christmas goodies!! We love doing this as a family for gifts to give to family and friends. Always make extra, you WILL eat them!
  3. Listening to Christmas music throughout December.
  4. Reading Christmas books before bed.
  5. Decorating the tree and the house of course! Why wasn't this my number 1?
  6. Watching Christmas movies!!
  7. Attending Christmas Eve parties/dinners.
  8. Writing out our Christmas cards, zeppelin can sign his this year, we have Christmas cards, balloons and popping Santa chocolate for everyone at prep.
  9. Teaching my kids the gift of giving.
  10. Driving around and looking at Christmas lights. There is an amazing display a few suburbs away and each year we take a photo there. Cant wait to go back this year!
  11. Getting the kids photos taken with Santa!
  12. Attending Christmas carols. OK so we have never been but id like to start going!!!!!!


  1. Oh, WOOT! I love Christmastime. We'll be putting up ours next weekend. I'd rather do it Wed - 1 Dec, but Hubby will have to be there to sit there and watch us decorate (he wants to be there, but never gets in to it)! Your tree looks great. :) x

  2. Thanks! Christmas is my favourite time of the year, i can never wait until december to put up the tree! Hope you have fun putting up yours! My husband is away in the mines so i sent him a picture on my phone, he cant wait to come home!!