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24 November 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Cupcakes are always a hit, my family love them!

  • Your favourite cupcake reipe. (Packet mix also works very well!)
  • Food colors. I used Red, Green and Blue.
  • Muffin size patty pans (approx 12)
  • Any icing and colorful sprinkles!
After making your cupcake batter, divide batter into 3 separate small bowls and add food coloring. I added quite a bit for a brighter result. (not sure what it did to my children but they didnt complain!!)
Here are my kids 'helping'

So once your batter has been tinted, layer each color into your patty pans, i used large muffin size ones as the smaller patty cakes are pretty much crap.

Yum!! Now you can bake these yummy cakes according to your cupcake baking directions! Give your kids the colored batter bowls, Zeppelin swore they all tasted different!! haha what color does to children...... When they come out, they should look like this:

Now they are ready to be iced and decorated!! I just used purple color for my icing and topped with sprinkles as i was in a hurry, i have seen these made with whizbang piped white icing (cloud) with a rainbow sour strap on top, bent over like a rainbow. My kids were pretty happy with what i did but i would like to try icing them a bit better next time.

So there it is, easiest thing in the world to make and the kids think its awesome!!!!!

For the kids - Spread out patty pans, help pour and mix ingredients, stir color through the batters, help ice the cakes, sprinkle stuff on top, lick all the bowls, help eat them!!!

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