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23 November 2010

I Love Marshmallows!

I Love Marshmallows!

Marshmallows. Even the name of it sends me into a warm and gooey feeling. I love them, simple as that. I will eat them any way, shape or form. Toasted, straight out of the pack or melted in some form of junky treat. YUM!

I thought i would create this blog so that i could share some of these recipes with you. My recipes have been collected over the years and i will have to make them all over again so that i can share my photos with you. My son, whom is 5 years old, hates them. He wont even eat them melted or in desserts or anything. My daughter loves them, she is only 18 months and i have been known to pop a small bit in her mouth when i am eating them. (They can be a choking hazard so do not give them whole ones!). I just cant eat them in front of her, she looks at me with the biggest eyes and the longest black lashes and i just have to share my wonderful experience with her <3.

My two beautiful children are my most favourite things in the world. I dont know how i lived my life before they came along.... I had my son at 20 so i have not really experienced adulthood without children but i would not have it any other way!

Here are my kiddies:

My kids love baking time and i cant wait to start baking treats over christmas!! I will also be writing a christmas blog and submitting christmas recipes and photos so make sure you look at my christmas with the Kids page!! I am so excited about christmas!!!!!

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