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08 April 2011

I Love Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty - Is there anything cuter?
I dont know how long i have loved this cute little feline but it has been a long time.
I thought id show you a collection of some of the things i want, no biggie, just a Hello Kitty house and car - normal stuff, right?

My dream house!

Ahhhh - Time to relax in my hello kitty lounge room.

How awesome is this Ferrari? Wouldn't mind picking the kids up from school in this! Not sure Zeppelin would find it as awesome as i would....

I would like these earmuffs please, its freezing at tafe!

Hello Kitty iPhone - Need i say more?

I want to relax at this bar every Friday night. Not sure my husband would join me though.

I would drink Hello Kitty champagne!

A nice selection to chose from!

If i can find these on Ebay i will buy them!

On the mornings that i have spaghetti on toast, this would be nice!

Andy bugs me to mow while he is away. I wont unless it is this mower. Nuff said.

Since i have to use the washing machine several times a week, it would be nice to use this one!

Same goes for the mop, my floor would be a whole lot cleaner if this is what i had to work with!

This is me on my honeymoon in Thailand.... Found the best shop ever!

WANT. I will trade the children.

If only i was blogging from this..... There would be a post everyday!

Jasmine might start toilet training if we had this... right?

I would seriously wear these. For those who know me will know I'm not joking!

I'm going to the Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital in Taiwan for my next baby!!!!!

I would probably want to steal all the blankets when i go home!

Why doesn't Andy wear these to bed? Stuff it - Ill just have this guy!

I would seriously die if i had these nails, why don't i live in Japan??? WWHHYYY!!!!

I'm wearing this grocery shopping - with the shoes.

Hands up who wants to make these for my birthday?

Last but not least
Marshmallow Hello Kitties!

I just want to bite her little head off!!!


  1. omgggggggggggggg amazing my dream everything