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01 December 2010

Its December!

Its finally December! Ive only been waiting all year! I am so excited. Last night Zep and I read Christmas stories under the light of our Christmas tree (and some help from the kitchen light.) It was so cute, even if we did read an Aussie Christmas book (bleh!) It had a horrible looking aussie blokey Santa in a singlet, shorts and thongs and kangaroos pulled his, er, ute. Give me a traditional Christmas any day! I tried to explain to him that this was not the case, and that there was only one type of santa.... Reindeer's and all! I Loved the pop ups in this book, it was actually amazing!

This morning when we woke up, we got to open our chocolate advent calender and start our felt advent calender. This was his excited little self:

Of course after taking this photo, little miss Jasmine wanted one too.

Open. Day 1. He didn't even share the tiny tree shaped chocolate. I knew i should have brought myself one!

Today when Zep went to school, Jas and i went shopping, still have no idea what to get my mother and one of my brothers, but everyone else is pretty much taken care of. I'm baking for a lot of people and i thought that would keep the cost down but it doesn't! Zep is having his school breakup party next week and i wanted to bring something special, so today i found a gingerbread house kit, its huge and even comes with all the lollies and icing. I could make one but that would take more time and effort and i would no doubt, fail.

Ill let you know how i go at attempting to put this one together, and add a photo when I'm done, ill probably stuff it up somehow! Goodnight!


  1. You are rather cute.

  2. Oh my god, he totally made me read that book too! and the 12 days of christmas one and I actually had to SING THE SONG.

    I'm ashamed to say I did it.