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10 December 2010

2 Weeks Until Christmas!

I am so freaking excited that i think i might burst! Andy comes home tonight for a whole month!! Today is the first day of the school holidays and we are starting with a trip to the doctors for Zeppelin. The poor kid is suffering weekly headaches and his entire body is rashy and itchy.

We had such a great time at his school break-up party yesterday! We all had to bring a plate so i made a gingerbread house (From a kit... I'm not that good!) All the kids went nuts over it.
Here it is

I can tell you it went very fast! It tasted amazing! We had such a fun time at his party, the kids all got certificates and played pass the parcel and did the limbo and had some dancing games. Jasmine HAD to be centre of attention during pass the parcel!

The dear little thing, she was very cute yesterday!!

A few days before school ended we had the school Christmas concert. I only stayed for Zeppelin's song (He was first) because he had a headache and so did I! I dressed Jasmine up like a little Christmas elf. She was not very impressed!!

I cant wait to finish off my Christmas shopping!! And wrapping everything! So exciting!! I was making Anzac slice this morning  and had Jasmine in the highchair next to me, i was chatting away and looked over at her and she was asleep.... so cute! i thought she was quiet!!

I have a bowl full of velvet Christmas decoration apples.... i guess Jasmine thought they looked good enough to eat.... poor thing! Don't i feed her??

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