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21 July 2011

Banana Caramel Cupcakes

It was my Birthday the other day and i made the most amazing banana caramel cupcakes that i just had to share them, even though i cheated severely. Most of the recipes on my blog are very easy to make using only minimal ingredients so this fits in quite nicely!
Please excuse the photo.... this cupcake actually belonged to my 2 year old daughter and she had already stuck a finger in the caramel icing. YUM!

  • Your favourite banana cake recipe. (Packet or homemade. I used a packet banana cake mix and added mashed banana through it.)
  • 1 tin of Nestle caramel top and fill.
  • Icing sugar.
See? Told you this recipe was easy!

  1. Make your banana cake including mashed old bananas in the mix (1 or 2.)
  2. Mix half of the caramel into the batter.
  3. Spoon into cupcake papers. (I used the large muffin size ones.)
  4. Bake 20-25 minutes.
When the cakes are cool, mix the rest of the caramel with icing sugar for the frosting. My husband and i nearly at it all before we iced any cakes!

These were delicious hot from the oven as the caramel in the cake was melted and gooey. They were just as good when cooled, the caramel sets to a soft caramely ball.

Although i told everyone that my base was a packet mix, no one could tell. They tasted so good! I also made plain old vanilla cupcakes, but so what? Up against these beauties, who needs 'em!

The last one!! Will have to make more :)

Here is my plain vanilla ones, i made the buttercream frosting 3 different colors and spooned alternate colours into my piping bag to make it all swirly and pretty x

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