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07 April 2011

2 Weeks Until Easter! myspace graphic comments

I am just so excited!

I am a HUGE chocolate fan so Easter is one of my favourite times of the year!

I have been so busy lately, April is my busiest month (besides December of course!) Lots of people have birthdays in April, its Easter and its also my 2 children's birthday's which always means a party of some sort!
This year, Andy will be away for Zep's birthday - but home for Jasmines... They are 10 days apart so smack bang in the middle of that is Easter Saturday and Andy will be home so i thought it would be PERFECT for a combined Easter Birthday Party! So exciting!
I have been busy planning and buying and organizing... I love birthday parties, probably because Ive never had one. I'm 27 this year!
We will be having an Easter egg hunt and a jumping castle this year, so excited about the castle... last time i had one i was heavily pregnant so i couldn't get in, now you probably wont get me off!
You know what else is awesome about Easter?
Chocolate coated marshmallow eggs......
I just saw one at the shop as i was buying bread and milk.... it took all of my strength not to eat it in the car on the way home! Its only 9:30am and its gone....

It tasted amazing too.... I recently brought myself a packet of pineapple lump chocolate coated marshmallow eggs for myself for Easter, but i saw dark chocolate mint ones today! I will have to buy them too. Oh yum, i cant wait!

I am home with Zeppelin today. Yesterday he woke up with a few spots and a couple of hives so i took him to the doctor and it turns out he has a mild case of chicken pox.... Lucky its mild (because he has been immunised) because I'm sick today too, have the worst cold and feel horrible. I can taste though, woo hoo!
So Zeppelin is contagious and off school till Monday, which means that i cant go to tafe, I'm sick anyway i guess. Jasmine is in daycare still so i will take this time to rest, she has been waking up well before 5am lately and i am just so run down. I thought 5:15am was damn early but id give anything for her to go back waking up then!! that would be a sleep in, haha.

Id better go get some homework done and try and have a sleep if i can. Good luck to me. myspace graphic comments
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