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13 January 2011

A New Year!

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Happy New Year to all!!

We had such a fantastic Christmas! My cousin and 2 brothers stayed with us for about 2 weeks which was hectic.... i spent a lot of time cleaning.... and drinking!! Christmas Eve was a stressful day, i baked about 100 different things for different people while looking after 2 kids and 4 'grown up kids' (that included my husband!) We went to a Christmas eve dinner at a friends house (amazing food!) and i was just exhausted and ready to shoot the next person that looked my way. I couldn't even fake a smile, and it was Christmas eve! i just couldn't even feel the excitement i was that stressed!

Christmas day was fun, first Christmas with my family in 7 years! I rushed around like a headless chook helping Andy with the ham, unpacking the kids, distributing presents and trying to say hello to everyone. Gone are the days where i just turn up, me and my handbag, sit down and open a drink. Nooooooo didn't even put my drinks in the fridge for a good half hour, then ordered Andy to find me a cup, my drink and some ice while i assembled the porta cot.
Fast forward 2pm and we had drank so much we forgot to eat lunch! (My family drinks, er, quite a bit...) So out came the ham, chicken, prawns and pasta salad. Pretty much only the women ate.... No wonder the males were all write offs a few hours later!!
I wont go on to say what happened later that night but there are quite a few stories to tell!! Apparently all of us in some way 'Wrecked Christmas!' Its alright, no one cared the next day, in fact, they did it all over again!

Some of my family christmas day with my pregnant sister!

Jasmine feeding me a candy cane, YUM!

I had 4 of these loserbags staying with me for the holidays, here we are in awesome novelty sunglasses!
Andy and i took the kids to Rainbow Beach for a few days between Christmas and new year (we go every year) and i left the 3 boys at home (mistake...) Thought it would be a relaxing few days but the weather was horrible and i was in a bad mood the whole time...I came home and had to clean the house after my fun, but messy guests!!

Taking the kids to the beach on the only sunny day.

Me and my amazing husband in our unit.

New Years Eve was awesome for us, its a rare thing that we go 'out' to celebrate due to the kids but this year we went all out!! at 3pm we found out that we could go clubbing to celebrate the night so out came the champagne, dress and heels and we had one hell of an awesome (and expensive) night!!

Zeppelin starts year 1 this year and Jasmine will start Daycare and i will start my Tafe course so I'm in for a busy year! Andy works away in the mines so most of the time i do this on my own.... I'm not looking forward to running 3 of us around everyday ( and paying for it all....) But we will have a good year i hope.

I had better go as we are going to a neighbours house for dinner in 1 hour... I have made curried eggs and Cupcakes (which i am yet to ice).

Better go ice them i guess...
Marshmallow icing too!! Yum!!

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  1. Love you Rikki!!!!We had a great time didnt we!!!
    Mim xxxxx