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09 November 2011

Chocolate Mudslides

Last night, while over at a friends house, i had the most amazing thing. Alcohol + chocolate together.
I know, they have been around for a while but i have never drank a commercial chocolate mudslide purely becasue i hate milk.  After trying a home made one, i think i am now obsessed. Uh-ha!

Now, i cannot take the credit for this dreamy alcoholic cup of greatness because i didnt make it. but i will! Probably often.

Too often.

My friends husband whipped it up in just a few minutes and i wasn't really watching. When he brought it over i nearly died. I HAD to have one. It was worth every horrible calorie.

This recipe made 4

  • 30mls chocolate mozart gold
  • 30mls vodka
  • 30mls baileys
  • Chocolate topping
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 3-4 cups ice
  • Squirty cream from a can
  • Chocolate powder (Quik or cocoa)

Crush ice in a blender and then pour in a few squirts of chocolate topping, chocolate liqueur, vodka, baileys and milk.
Decorate a glass with squirts of chocolate topping and pour in the liquid.
Refrain from taking sips until complete.
Squirt some cream on the top of each one and then in to your mouth. Because its fun.
Sprinkle chocolate on top and poke a straw in there somewhere.

Enjoy and go back for many more!!


  1. Hmmmm! Just like a chocolate milkshake only Alcholic. I am visiting you via The Crazy Cake Lady who suggested a look see. Love your blog. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  2. I like your blog. Glad to be here.